Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why I am voting for Lamar and Bill . . .

I had a friend that asked me whether I was going to vote for Lamar Alexander.  If you look thru my previous articles, you’ll know that I campaigned for and supported Joe Carr during the primary.  My response was that I am voting for Lamar for the same reason that I would have crawled over broken glass to vote for Romney.  Even a weak Republican, like Romney was preferential to Obama.

I attended a meeting over the weekend with Senate candidate Danny Page ~Independent~ and Constitution Party candidate for governor, Shaun Crowell.  I like Danny Page and agree with him on more than I do Lamar.  After hearing him in person, he almost persuaded me to vote for him; however, his wife piped up in response to an answer by Charlotte Bergmann about why she was running as a Republican and not under the Constitution Party.  First off, I resented the question to Ms. Bergmann as to why if she was a constitutionalist, she was running as a Republican instead of under the Constitution Party.  I could understand the question if Ms. Bergmann was running as a Democrat, but Republican?!?  Really?!?  The implication was that the Republican Party doesn’t believe in the Constitution.  Sir, if you read their platform, they are exactly in line with the Constitution.  We believe in limited government and a strong national defense.  The problem isn't with the Party; it is with some of those that call themselves Republicans.  Ms. Bergmann explained that if you want to have influence in the direction that the government is going, you need to be a part of those that are making those decisions.  Look at Ted Cruz.  Do you really think that he would have gotten as much support and been able to educate as many citizens if he ran as an Independent or 3rd party?  I have been saying that we need to take over the Republican Party from the inside ~like the leftists did with the Democrat Party. ~ I knew that even if Romney won in 2012, that we constitutional conservatives were still going to have our work cut out for us.  One election isn't going to fix what is wrong in this country or in the ruling class of D.C. ~both Republican and Democrat~.  We need to clean house from top to bottom.  Danny Page’s wife then stood up and objected that Republicans were giving us crappy candidates and people were staying home because of it.  Her tone was combative and accusing.  My contention is that the time to have these fights is within the primary.  Danny Page was not in the primary process because of an agreement that he had with Joe Carr.  I can respect that, but don’t complain about the Republican candidate for Senate if you did not take part in the process.

The ironic thing was that not five minutes later when defending her support for Amendment 1, Mrs. Page actually used the term “baby steps” in the fight against abortion.  She admitted that her goal is to completely get rid of abortion; ~she used the term abolitionist~ but that voting for Amendment 1 would be a baby step in the right direction.  So she is for using baby steps to accomplish her goal with abortion ~which I totally agree with~ but not when it comes to baby steps to changing a political party.  We have seen what can happen if you work within the Republican Party on the local level.  We had a Republican county commissioner that was acting more like a Democrat than a Republican.  He was called out on it in the local GOP steering committee meeting.  It was a beautiful thing.  The result?  He changed his vote.  That is how we change things.

What if Danny Page were to take enough votes from Lamar and got the Democrat senate candidate elected?  Do you really think that sending a Democrat to the Senate is going to teach the GOP elite a lesson?  Do you really think that retaining Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader would be a good thing or preferable over Mitch McConnell?

If you want to stop Obama and the Democrats YOU have to show up and vote on Election Day.  Sitting home is how we got a 2nd term of Obama.  If you want to change the direction of our country and stop Obama and the Democrats, you have to do more than show up on Election Day.  It is bigger than one election.  Showing up and voting is just the beginning of your civic responsibility.

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