Sunday, August 3, 2014

So What is a Senator to Do?

This should be a simple task with such an "accomplished" Senator such as Lamar Alexander; except that it's not.  

Let me help you out, Lamar, you voted to fund ObamaCare.  I know, I know; you technically voted to not fund it, but before that you voted for cloture which meant that instead of the Democrats needing 60 votes to fund it, all they needed was a simple majority.  So in reality, you voted to fund ObamaCare.  

You voted for amnesty.  Sure now, you are claiming that you are standing with Ted Cruz but again, your vote for amnesty shows us Tennesseans where you really stand on the issue.  Once again, Lamar's actions don't back up his words.  Lamar had a chance to actually vote against amnesty last Thursday, but Where was Lamar?  Not on the Senate floor debating or voting against amnesty.  

The truth is Lamar, I can't think of a single accomplishment of yours while being in DC.  You may have started out as a conservative years ago, but whatever is in the water in DC, you've been infected with it.  

Join me in voting for Joe Carr for US Senate.  It's time to retire, Lamar.  BTW, Joe Carr has been the architect of some of the toughest immigration laws as a Tennessee state legislator.  


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