Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Case of a Government Official ~Millington, TN~ Treating Citizens like Peasants

A friend of mine, Rhonda O'Dell, lives in Millington, TN and she is concerned about the path and direction that her city leaders are taking ~specifically the budget and raising property taxes~.  She is doing what she learned in Civics 101 and is paying attention to what those in government are doing, asking questions of her elected officials and holding them accountable for their actions.  She is running into the same attitude that we as a nation are experiencing on a national level.  It is yet another example of how our elected officials ~who are really our employees~ are treating "We the People" like peasants. 

She is trying to shine the light of truth and wake up her fellow Millington citizens.  Here is what she posted on her Facebook page:

I want the citizens of Millington to understand 2 important issues and I will TRY and not get "deep in the weeds" and confuse you.


 1. The NEW CHARTER totally changed what you know as normal. This budget is NOT THE MAYOR’S - it is the City Manager’s. It takes four Aldermen on three readings (votes) to approve the budget and tax rate.

 2. The only way our elected leadership can directs or tell the City Manager what to do is by resolution/ordinance at an official meeting with four aldermen voting yes.

The system that is set up can be a TRAIN WRECK if/when you have a City Manager that is totally out of sync with the direction most of us want. AND IF WE AS CITIZENS DON'T LIKE HIS ATTITUDE, his INCOMPETENCE or leadership we have to convince 5 aldermen to vote him out. Once he is in - it is close to impossible to get him out; although the last few cities found a way to FIRE HIM.

The City Manager AND the Charter is a major obstacle right now. I have researched tonight NUMEROUS lawsuits that he (our city manager) is/was either named in or mentioned that his incompetence - or unauthorized actions caused the lawsuits.  

The city manager lives in a HOTEL. He doesn't pay the property tax he just raised on us AND he doesn't pay our hotel-motel tax either. He fired an employee for violating the residency requirement in another city yet he tramples on the true intention of our city manager residency requirement.  

His blatant disrespect of our elected officials AND citizens (me personally - with an email) demonstrates his leadership - well actually total lack thereof and the culture he has created is WORSE than anything I've seen in my 20+ years of living here.  

THANK GOD THE CITY MANAGER DOESN'T HAVE CRAP TO DO WITH OUR SCHOOL SYSTEM OR ITS BUDGET!!!  Mainly because in a past city he didn't want to budget $10,000 for crossing guards. Do a google search - you will not be happy!! 

And you can thank our past mayor Carter and her HR Director that pushed him & hid this... The same people that gave the illegal - unauthorized raises with the help of our CURRENT FINANCE DIRECTOR!!!!

I have documents to back all of this up (and more) if you want to see it - let me know. 496-1955.

I have FULLY expressed my feelings about the City Manager especially after he forwarded an email I sent him encouraging the Mayor, Alderman and him to look at other areas to cut in the budget. He forwarded that email to the directors involved AND ENCOURAGED THEM TO FORWARD IT TO EMPLOYEES. What a great culture to encourage productivity, professionalism and ethics because the CM didn't cc me on that email. I DON'T THROW A ROCK AND HIDE MY HAND - you know exactly where you stand with me - that is why the CM received my email in the first place.

When you say convince them to fire him - I can't convince them to discipline him - much less send me an apology. 2 or 3 replied via email the next day but NOTHING since then. Alderman McGhee actually replied that he doesn't communicate via email (first time he ever replied to my many emails) BUT he never called to discuss or meet me regard the CM's insubordination. Then during Thursday nights meeting he has the nerve to reply to Lisa's comment that they (ald) don't even reply to ME he says he wants to hear from Ms. O'Dell .... The citizens not knowing the background would say.. Aww he's a pastor and he is so sincere. I say GIVE ME A BREAK!

They have a lot going on with the budget and they NEVER figured out the CM is causing more problems than they could fix meeting every night.

I AM READY FOR LEADERSHIP not keeping quiet because it’s not politically correct to openly deal with these issues because AGAIN they have to direct his actions via a Resolution or ordinance.

If someone doesn’t plug the hole, all the people running around saying we can't afford our schools will see their CITY (not school system) receiving a letter from the State just like Memphis. I've said it before and I'll say it again, WE DON'T HAVE A REVENUE PROBLEM - WE HAVE SPENDING PROBLEMS!

AND WE DON'T HAVE A PLAN FOR ANYTHING... I actually LOL we I remember the CM told everyone how great he is with a strategic plan and he says, “well I'm not familiar with Millington's culture, history, or direction the people want to go so I can't give you a plan (as you requested) so I’ll just tell you how great I can do a plan.” I call BS. He is (by his actions) planning our future and I don't agree with his direction.

And using the only budget I had access to - I cut the heck out of the budget and via a PLAN I can restructure and streamline several areas. By the time I had access via the website the BMA had one budget hearing (citizens can't speak) and then the public hearing 5 minutes before they amended the budget and approved it.

I keep complaining how exactly does this work well for the citizens? I keep saying ‘Sunshine’ a citizen budget meeting - let us sit at the table and show all seven aldermen at the same time what we want. I don't have time to meet with all seven aldermen in a few days and get my point across.

If you live in Millington, please get involved and contact Rhonda.  She has left her phone number for you to do so.  Even if you don't live in Millington, please get involved in your local community government ~and state and national~ and find out what they are doing.  Every citizen needs to experience your local bodies of government and your elected officials spending your TaxPayer Money ~TPM~  and see how they treat those that pay for their salaries and provide the funds for what they are funding. 

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