Monday, March 4, 2013

What's HOT for Spring 2013

Spring is in the air ~well, at least here in Memphis~ and here is our BeautiCoach, Gary Jones, with what is going to be HOT for Spring 2013.

If I had to use one phrase to describe this season's makeup and beauty trends, I would have to be this..."Girls Just Want to Have Fun".  Makeup trends this season run the gamut, from nude and natural to oh so faux.  Color is back with a vengeance, along with some eye-catching twists that are sure to get you noticed.

I have scoured the trends this season and categorized the looks into 5 key trends.  No matter what your style personality, it is easy to incorporate elements of each of these trends into your makeup look to create a look that's right for you.

Think Pink
From fantasy fuchsia to bubblegum pink, you cannot deny that this is the year of pink.  Pink lips, pink blush, pink shadow...whatever it is...think in pink.
Color Pop
Get ready to have some fun...color is back; however, different than we have seen it in the past.  Call it "color with a twist".  The key to this trend is keeping the over-all makeup application simple, but accenting with bold, bright color.  Bright, colorful liner or shadow draws attention to the eyes and balances a pale lip.  Bold, overly saturated lip color lets your lips to do talking while keeping your eye makeup simple and nude

Drama Noir
Dark drama is going to be a key focus this season.  The look in uncharacteristically more bold than we typically see in the spring, but you cannot deny its sophisticated elegance.  The red lip is still a key trend as we move into Spring and highlighted with bold, sultry and hauntingly saturated eye color.  Deep silvers, grays and even black shadows will carry us into Fall, but are key in this Spring's trends.  Pull out the eye liner, mascara and your red lipstick and get ready to create some drama.

Constructed Minimalism
This look is more than meets the eye...literally.  While at first glance you may be reminded of the bare-faced makeup application of seasons past, but this time the key is using natural shades of both matte and shimmer to create a look that while "natural" is still perfectly constructed.  Sheer foundation coverage, natural shadows, a wash of blush and sheer, shimmering lips bring out the natural glow of beautiful skin.

Ooh La Lashes
The one thread that weaves each of these trends together is perhaps the most significant trend of the season...long, luscious, thick, voluminous and anything but natural lashes.  Pull out your mascara and go for the bold.  You've heard the phrase that "less is more"...well, this season, "more is definitely more"...and more is better.

Now remember, I don't make up the trends, I just report them.  While some of the key trends for the season may be a little "over the top", the overall theme is this...HAVE FUN. Play dress up. Be bold.  Show your creative side.  Be yourself.  You may have heard me say this before, but if you haven't...this is not a nose's makeup.  If you don't like it, wash it off and try again.  Makeup is meant to be fun. 
Go...have fun...

What do you think?  Have you noticed these trends in the ads and commercials you've seen?  Are you going to try one or two of them?  What I noticed is that the models need Lip Apeel.  Their lips looked dry.  What is your favorite?

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