Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is Your Body Ready for Swimsuit Season?

Here's our BeautiCoach, Gary Jones, to give us the "Skinny" on body contouring with BeautiControl:

If you’ve always dreamed of finding one product that will eliminate excess weight, shape the body and eliminate the need for a healthy diet and exercise…well, keep looking.  In general, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

BC Spa Solutions Sculpt and Firm Body Contouring Moisturizer is the perfect partner to a balanced diet and moderate exercise to help you:
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits
  • Help to firm and visibly diminish the appearance of sagging skin
  • Gradually deliver effective ingredients for a prolonged delivery
  • Provide effective skin hydration benefits
BeautiControl's Skinny Creme
Like our facial skin care formulations, we set out to achieve a formula that will deliver quick, visible results that lead to long-term skin repair benefits with continued use.  This formula combines the best of science and nature to help deliver on our promise to provide the most effective ingredients and provide benefits your can see, feel and trust.
For more info on the key ingredients and how they work, Click here.
Each of the ingredients work together to achieve immediate and long term results, delivered with our new, multi-rollerball package which massages the skin to aid in penetration and delivery.

Our legacy of producing top-quality, results driven products speaks for itself and our evolution of sculpting and slimming products over the years has been the result of staying up to date on the latest ingredients and delivery systems to create products that are not only safe and effective…they do what we say they do.  Producing proprietary formulations that offer results you can see, results you can feel and results you can trust is the BeautiControl promise.

Contact me today and find out more about BC Spa Solutions Sculpt and Firm Body Contouring Moisturizer, along with all of our other age-defying and problem solving products, personalized to fit your individual skin care needs.  Be sure and ask me about the "Tummy Tuck Wrap."

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