Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kissable Lips for your Sweetheart!

From our BeautiCoach, Gary Jones; VP of Marketing and Research Development at BeautiControl:

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and BeautiControl has everything you need to make it a day you won't soon forget. 
The mere mention of this special day stir images of flowers, hearts and lots of kisses.  To keep that pucker in kissable condition, BeautiControl has a variety of products that are "must-haves" for Valentine's Day...or any day for that matter.

Step 1:  Exfoliate

BeautiControl's award-winning Lip Apeel has become a standard in lip treatments.  This unique dual purpose product offers two products in one.  The lip masque, is a cream based mask that exfoliates the delicate skin on the lips to remove dead skin, slough away lipstick residue and prepare your lips to receive hydration.  Simply allow the masque to dry, then gently rub with your fingers or a warm cloth/tissue to reveal fresh, younger looking lips.

Step 2:  Moisturize

In the upper compartment of the Lip Apeel jar is, what Allure magazine and Shecky's has declared to be the Best of the Best when it comes to lip balms.  Apply after removing your lip masque.  This is great as a night-time treatment or any time you need added moisture

Step 3:  Plump

Both our Regeneration Tight Firm and Fill Extreme Lip Treatment, as well as our BC Color Moisturizing Lip Gloss contains ingredients that help create the optimal environment for the skin to produce hyaluronic acid and collagen to give the lips more volume and fullness

Step 4:  Color

Whether you prefer a lipstick or a lip gloss, BeautiControl has what you need.  With a variety of shades to choose from, you can go from work to WOW in a matter of seconds.

Kiss Me Set
Here's the perfect set that will give you Kissable Lips for your Sweetheart. 
  • Lip Apeel to exfoliate and soften lips
  • Extreme Lip Treatment to plump and seal in moisture
  • Truffle Lip Balm for a sweet kiss of color
  Email me today for FREE Delivery in the Memphis area.  It's not too Late!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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