Wednesday, February 27, 2013

EBeauti Tip: How to Properly Apply Lip Liner

Are you applying your lip liner properly?  Here's how:

1.   Always make certain that your BC Color Lip Perfecting Pencil is the right shade for you. Not sure which shades look best on you? Take our eBeauti Color quiz and our BeautiPrint will help you to determine you best matches.
2.   Smile with your lips pressed together. Start lining in the center of the bottom of the lower lip. Then using light, feathery strokes, work your way down from each corner to connect the line.
3.   Do the top lip in the same way: adding a “V” shaped line on your cupid’s bow, then joining it with lines from each corner.
4.   Finish with light, feminine BC Color Hydrating Lip Color, dabbing the color on as you go from the tube or with a brush.
5.   Top with BC Color Moisturizing Lip Gloss for a little shine.

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