Thursday, November 15, 2012

Give Your Skin a Lift

We all want to look our best for the Holidays, right?  Getting together with family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas; the office Christmas parties; seeing people that we don't get to see any other time of the year.

Watch the video below to see how to instantly give your Face a Lift with TFF Dermal Filling Moisture Masque.

Don’t let winter weather wreak havoc on you skin. During winter months, skin becomes dehydrated due to the cold air outside and warm air inside, so it’s important to hydrate your skin and lock in moisture.  TFF Dermal Filling Moisture Masque instantly surges your skin with moisture while it lifts, plumps and fills in wrinkles.  It relaxes expression lines, which is what Botox does.  TFF is less expensive than Botox and there's no needles. 

By purchasing TFF Dermal Filling Moisture Masque you are helping to Pay It Forward:  Gift a Family in Need.  Find out how to get entered for the 5 Days Before Christmas Drawing and Help a Family in Need.  You can also go to my website to find this and other great spa treatments.

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