Friday, November 16, 2012

Coffee: The Secret Beauty Ingredient

I love coffee.  I start out with coffee with cream in the a.m. and thanks to my Keurig, I enjoy a cup of flavored coffee in the afternoon.  Right now, I’m enjoying Pumpkin Spice with Cheesecake creamer.  Better than Starbucks and cheaper too.  Tonight, I did something I’ve never done with coffee before.  Watch the video to see how coffee can be a part of your secret to looking great in that “Little Black Dress” for that special Christmas Party.  

Disclaimer:  This is not me in the video

Slimming Cellulite Treatment:
1 cup plus 2 Tablespoons Instant Coffee
BC spa Detox Bath Soak
BC spa Body Sculpt Body Sculpting Gel
BC spa Body Firming Creme

Yes, I bathed in coffee.  I measured my abdomen and thighs and then mixed 2 Tbsp coffee and Detox Bath Soak into a scrub, and applied to my belly and thighs.  I showered and then headed to the bathtub to soak in coffee ~1 cup coffee and 2 capfuls BC spa Detox Bath Soak in a hot bath~.  The mix of the aroma of coffee and BC spa Detox Bath Soak was wonderful.  I then applied the BC spa Body Sculpt Body Sculpting Gel to my belly and thighs.  I massaged it in for about a minute.  I then applied the BC spa Sculpt Firming Body Cream on top of it.  As an added bonus, I rubbed BC Pedicure Cooling Foot Salve onto my feet and put on my spa socks to sleep in.  My skin is soft and I can almost feel the circulation in my skin. 


Morning After:  I measured myself before the treatment and then the next morning.  WOW is all I can say.  I was a skeptic, but this has turned me into a believer.  This is as close as you can get to “Exercise in a Bottle.”  I lost ½” @ my belly-button; 1” @ 2” above my belly-button;  ½” @ 2” below my belly-button and 1 ½” in my thighs.  My skin is much smoother on my belly AND I could tell a difference in the pants that I wore yesterday.

Day 2:   I applied the Sculpting Gel and Firming Creme at bedtime ~didn't bath in coffee~ and measured the morning of Day 2.  I continued to see results.  Overall:  @belly-button = 1 1/2"; @2" above my belly-button = 1/2"; @ 2" below my belly-button = 3"; and 2" @ my thighs. 

Day 3:   I am amazed.  I lost another 1/2" above my belly and my other measurements stayed the same.  I am hooked.  Imagine what will happen when I add Pilates.

This would also great for those that have lost weight and need to firm up their sagging skin or for the new moms who want to firm up their tummies after birth.  

Here is a video by our BeautiCoach, Gary Jones, that explains the science behind the Slimming Cellulite Treatment.

Buy BC spa Body Sculpt Set ~gel and cream~ and get BC spa Detox Bath Soak for ½ price.

By purchasing the BC spa Slimming Cellulite Treatment, you will be helping to Pay it Forward: Gift a Family in Need with  a Christmas to Remember and will enter you in the 5 Days before Christmas Drawing. For more details on BC spa Body Sculpt and BC spa Detox Bath Soak, just go to my Beautipage and click on Bath & Body: Collections

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