Thursday, January 12, 2012

Steve Cohen: Stop Whining!

CongressCritter Steve Cohen just sent out a plea to his supporters to try and stop the redistricting plan for Tennessee.

First, he complains that Memphis isn't all in the same district.

"Every time new district lines have been drawn, one thing has remained consistent--- Memphis is in one district."

I guess he doesn't count Germantown, Bartlett, Frayser, Lakeland, Millington or Collierville as part of Memphis. I know King Willie didn't care about taxpayers moving out to those parts of the Memphis area, I guess now Mr. Cohen doesn't consider those of you that live in these areas as a part of Memphis either. ~Why is it if you are not a part of Memphis that the Memphis City Schools wants you? But, that's a topic for another article~

He then complains that

"It takes the Poplar corridor east of Goodlett out of the 9th District and places it in the 8th District, currently represented by Stephen Fincher, a first term Congressman from rural Frog Jump, ninety minutes outside of Memphis."

What about those of us currently in the Memphis area who are part of TN-8 ~like myself~ or TN-7? Unless I'm mistaken, Nashville is a whole lot farther from Memphis than Frog Jump is.

The plea continues with:

"The 'finger' contains the affluent, old Memphis professional business and cultural leaders and is also becoming the retail and business center of our city. A large portion of our city will find itself in a Congressional District that is well over 75% rural and stretches to the Kentucky border."

"Further, 95% of the Jewish population of Memphis will be removed from the district represented by Tennessee's first and only Jewish Congressman."

He's whining about the fact that he won't be able to shake down the "rich" business leaders of Memphis anymore. It cracks me up that he says he's concerned about how 95% of the Jewish voters in Memphis will no longer have good representation because he ~being the 1st and only Jewish Congressman~ will no longer represent them. I guess he doesn't have the same concerns about the African-American voters. or the Christian voters in Memphis because Mr. Cohen is definitely not African-American or Christian.

The bottom line is that Mr. Cohen is worried about his keeping his job. He wasn't concerned about the lines of his district when it was carved out to be one of the safest districts in the nation for DemonRats.

The good news for TN-9 is that you have a choice. Charlotte Bergmann is challenging Mr. Cohen. Charlotte is a businesswoman and grandmother. She is a real-life example of how everyone can succeed, even a single-mother from Memphis, without the help of the government. She's pro-life and pro-family.

You can donate or volunteer to help send Charlotte Bergmann to Washington by clicking on her web-site Likeing her on FaceBook and following her on Twitter

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