Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Charlotte Bergmann for Congress

Last night I had the privilege to attend a Meet and Greet with Charlotte Bergmann. I met some wonderful fellow Patriots. Charlotte Bergmann is the Republican that ran against CongressCritter Steve Cohen last year. Seeing as TN-9 is one of the safest districts for DemonRats, it wasn't a surprise that Cohen was re-elected. Charlotte is running again next year and 2012 may be the year that shakes up Memphis politics.

As we survey the national scene, no one is happy with the economy. The oppressive leftist agenda of BO/BS and the DemonRats have crippled this economy. The black community has been especially hard hit with an unemployment rate 15.1% in July. As we look at Memphis, we're seeing the results of the truth that government isn't the solution; it's the problem. I think it's time that the truth of empowerment and conservative principles can make a dent in the voters in TN-9. Charlotte Bergmann is the person to take that message to the voters here in Memphis. She's a conservative black woman who is a small business owner herself. The bottle-neck will be in getting the message out. She'll need volunteers and financial support. She'll need outside the box thinkers. How can we educate Memphis voters who depend on government to take an honest look at the consequences of it and ask the question; "How is that working for you and your family?" We have the perfect opportunity to ask, "Which is better; a job or a check from the government?" How happy are with you your children's schools? The crime in your neighborhoods? Conservatives have the answers, we just need to get out, engage Memphis voters and educate.

Will you help? Will you be part of the solution?

Here are 5 easy ways to help get Charlotte Bergmann to D.C.

  • Go to Click on the Like button on the website for her official Facebook political page. After you like her page, go to the page and look on the bottom left corner and click the Share button to share on your homepage. Ask others to like her page. Sharing once is great, but sharing often is even better.
  • On your mobile phone, open a new text message. In the phone number block, enter 72727 and in the message portion input ivote. This will be one of the tools Charlotte will use to communicate with us, her supporters.
  • Host a meet and greet with your top 10-20 friends or find someone to host events for Charlotte. You can sign up on her website.
  • Word of mouth is also an important tool. Please take every opportunity to talk about Charlotte, telling everyone that you come in contact with .... "Have you heard about Charlotte Bergmann running for Congress?" Refer to her website or text ivote to 72727. The website is the database for all to sign in, to volunteer, get information etc.
  • Most importantly, pray that we will fill key rolls quickly and find people to start investing in Charlotte and her beliefs early so we can begin reaching the public.

    I'm going to actively support Charlotte Bergmann. Will you?
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