Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, 2009 is over and it’s time to look at 2010. Many of us are glad that 2009 is over. It’s been a tough year ~emotionally, financially, and physically~ for many, if not all, of us. The good news is that no matter what happened in 2009, it’s done. I am looking forward to 2010; a new beginning; a fresh beginning.

While many of us make New Year’s Resolutions ~ that last until January 10, ~ it is a good time to Evaluate where we are and where we want to go. I have heard ~from my Amway days~ that a goal is a dream with a date. There’s power in writing down what we want to accomplish and what action we are going to take to make it happen.

I was listening to a life coach last week and he had a great way to evaluate where we are and where we want to get to. First, make a big circle on a blank piece of paper and divide it into 8 wedges. Next, label each wedge with the following categories: Financial; Health; Spouse; Most important relationships; Spirituality/Personal Grown; Fun; Physical Environment; Career. Take a few minutes and rate each piece of the pie. Evaluate where your life is right now. Now imagine what your life would look like if each area were a 10. What would be different? From there, write out what are you going to do to strive towards a 10 in each area. These are your intentions. These are your action steps towards your goals. Go ahead, write them down.

I’m going to use the area of Physical Environment as my example. Right now, I would rate my Physical Environment/home as a 4. Housekeeping is not my strength. My house is in CHAOS ~Can’t Have Anyone Over~. I want to change that. I want a home that is 15 minutes from company. What am I willing to change in my life to accomplish that goal? Well, first of all, I am not going to go to bed unless my sink is clean. Second, I’m going to get to bed by 10:30 p.m. every night so that I can get up in the morning and have some quiet time to myself before getting my girls up and ready for school. I’m going to have to find a DVD that I can tape my British Sitcoms that I watch from 10:00 – 11:00 every night. I’m also going to clean off my counters and keep them clutter free. You get the idea.

Take some time today to Evaluate where you are and where you want to be at the end of 2010. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about Eliminating those habits or things in our lives that may hinder us from reaching where we want to be. I’m off to clean my kitchen.

Happy New Year!


  1. I assume you're under 35, TN WAHM.

    By the time you hit 60, dust bunnies won't bother you NEAR as much! When my kids were home, we too had controlled chaos. Tried to keep the house picked up, but it was a losing battle. Twice a month I deep-cleaned, rest of the time? Lick & a promise . .

    So when I sometimes had a cleaning mood in between the serious cleanings, my kids would ask in unison, "Are we getting company?" Funny thing is that THEIR kids now ask them the same thing, 30 years later!

    My sister was a compulsive neat-nick, and my mom was a slob (sorry, Mom, but I speak the truth!). Me? Somewhere in between, leaning more toward neat-nick. When kids are under 16, it's difficult---especially if you have more than two.

    These days, computer time eats up what formerly would have been devoted to picking up & puttering.

    ---NeeNee from Mostly4Us

  2. Computer time does eat up a lot of my day. I'm involved much more politically. Right now, that's a priority. My dh doesn't quite see it that way.