Friday, September 25, 2009

The Grocery Game

The first site that I want to recommend is It is a site that I found through a friend at church. is a service that matches sales with coupons from the Sunday papers. Their premise is that grocery stores are on about a 12 week cycle. They keep a database that lists product prices. Every week, they come out with their lists that divide products into 3 categories:

• Green = Free
• Blue = Stock pile items
• Black = Buy if needed

If the item is green, then it means that it’s FREE. Get it! If it’s listed as Blue, then it’s a stockpile item. The goal is to have a 3 month supply so that you only buy products that are at rock bottom prices. If it’s listed as Black, then that means that it’s an ok price and buy it if you need it.

The Grocery Game lists the original price, the sale price, what coupon used ~including date from paper~ what, if any, store coupon, price w/discounts and percentage saved.
You can print out a list customized for what you want. You can try The Grocery Game for FREE for 4 weeks. Just go to for more info or to sign up.

For me, it’s worth the price of the subscription for the time savings of not having to look thru all the sales and decide which are good and which are not. I probably save an average of 40-50% by using The Grocery Game. The Grocery Game is for busy moms who don’t have time to spend hours searching thru sales & coupons. They do the research for you and tell you where to find the sales & coupons.

My husband says that I don't need to buy anymore cereal, toothpaste or mouthwash for awhile. I think we could live for a week on my stockpile of cereal. Maybe that's what I'll serve for supper tonight.

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