Monday, October 7, 2013

Did Steve Cohen learn Math at a MCS?

Mr. Cohen went on the floor of the House of Representatives to berate the Republicans once again.

“The debt was caused by Reagan and Bush.  Reagan and Bush caused the debt.”  said Mr. Cohen.

Mr. Cohen, here are the facts of the federal debt.

Bush with Republican Congress in 6 yrs: $1.675 Trillion
Bush with Democrat Congress in 2 yrs ~which included you~: $1.871 Trillion
Obama with Democrat Congress in 2 yrs: $2.593 Trillion
Obama with Republican House and Democrat Senate: $2.059 Trillion

National Debt increased with you in the House: $6.525 Trillion

Elementary Math question:
Which is greater? $1.675 Trillion or $6.525 Trillion?
My 1st grader knows the concept of greater than or less than.  Have you forgotten?

Even CBS admits that the Obama regime added more to the debt in 3 years than in the 8 year under Bush.

Debt added under the Reagan administration was $1.7 Trillion.  Again, which is greater?
$1.7 Trillion or $4.7 Trillion which is what has been added to the National Debt during the Obama Regime?

P.S.  These numbers are taken from the budgets of the years when said Congresses passed the budgets.  Example:  When Bush was inaugurated in January of 2001, the budget that the country was living under was passed by the Congress of 2000 which was technically the Clinton administration.  The first budget that Bush and the Republican Congress passed was the 2002 budget.

The breakdown of Congresses and budgets:
Bush with Republican Congress: 2002-2007
Bush with Democrat Congress: 2008-2009
Obama with Democrat Congress: 2010-2011
Obama with Republican House and Democrat Senate: 2012 - present.

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