Friday, August 3, 2012

Shelby Co GOP has blown it again!

I am absolutely sick today.  Shelby County GOP had a chance to beat CongressCritter Cohen, but instead they chose someone who is about as personable and relatable as a brick; another win for the Country Club Republicans who just like to be invited to parties and not make a difference.  As Conservatives and Republicans, we have a winning message that crosses all barriers; racial, gender and economic; but instead of nominating someone who relates to and has the platform for reaching out across those barriers to bring Reconciliation; the Shelby Co GOP once again blew it. 

I am proud to have supported Charlotte Bergmann for Congress.  She has a passion for Memphis and wants to make a difference in Memphians’ lives.   She wants to bring Prosperity and Reconciliation to Memphis; she knows that the way to do that is to reach out to people and educate them on how the free markets work; how dependency on the government won’t get them a better life or better lives for their children. 

Even though Republicans have turned their backs on Ms. Bergmann, I will not turn my back on Memphis.  I will work to educate and reach out to my fellow Memphians who are trapped in poverty and hopelessness.  The real way to Prosperity is thru jobs, not a check from the government.  My heart breaks for the children whose lives have been destroyed because of liberal Democrat policies that have removed fathers from the home. 

Thank you, Charlotte Bergmann, for challenging me to believe that we can make a difference in Memphis.   I will work to do more than talk the talk; like you, I will walk the walk.  The first practical way that I will reach out to Memphians is by joining the local MercuryOne group.  I will continue your vision for Reconciliation in Memphis because it's the right thing to do.  Who will join me?

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