Friday, April 23, 2010

Following the Evidence. . .

As I related earlier, I don't believe President Obama is a Christian. If you follow the evidence, ~as they say in CSI~ I think he's either a Muslim or atheist. Either way, he doesn't love this country and doesn't like its founding principles. The latest evidence of this is how the Army has disinvited Franklin Graham to speak at the Pentagon on the National Day of Prayer. See here.This is beyond ridiculous. This country was founded on Christian principles and now we are being governed by leftists that don’t like this country and want to destroy it.

Franklin Graham has done more for people that live in Muslim countries than just about anyone else. Samaritans Purse He has firsthand experience with how they treat their women and their persecution and elimination of other religions. We need to quit being so worried about the few radicals that hate this country and Christianity and focus on the majority that love our Country the way it was founded. On Christian principles and limited government.

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