Skin Care 101

"Nature gives you the face you have at twenty.  Life shapes the face you have at thirty.  But at fifty you get the face you deserve."  Coco Chanel

Healthy skin is beautiful skin.  As we learn how our skin ages, we can learn how to delay, prevent and reverse the signs of aging.

Do you know the seven signs of aging?
  • Skin discoloration
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of luminosity
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Visible pores
The age old question that we ask is "Is it Nature or Is it Nurture?"
The answer is YES.  It's both nature and our environment.  Here are which signs are generally caused by each:

The good news is that BeautiControl has the solution to both Natural and Environmental Aging.

The problem is sluggish cell renewal . . . the result of diminishing natural skin exfoliation 
DNA damage at the cellular level caused by UV and oxidative damage.

The Solution is M.R.P.
Maintain the skin you can see 
Repair the damage you can't see and 
Prevent future damage.

While there are many good skin care systems out there, what I believe sets BeautiControl apart is our focus on M.R.P.  Does your skin care have what it takes to do all three? 

  • Natural Moisturizing Factors that mimic the skin's natural lipid structure. 
  • Gentle, non-detergent, sulfate-free cleansing compounds.
  • Hyaluronic acid, a component of young skin, attracting and holding hydration and increasing the skin's plumpness . . . filling lines and wrinkles
  • Chemical exfoliants such as alpha-hydroxy and poly-hydroxy acids to loosen the bonds that prevent cellular turnover.
  • Retinol, a key ingredient for increasing the rate that new skin cells are regenerated.
  • Bio-engineered peptides that target key areas of the skin to help increase firmness and elasticity, relax the expression lines, and restore the skin's youthful resilience.
  • Broad spectrum sun protection to prevent the damaging effect of both UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays) radiation.
  • Broad spectrum antioxidant protection from vitamins, botanicals and marine origin. 

Get your own prescription for beautiful skin, from anywhere. The first step is to get your very own skin sensors; Email Me and I will mail them to you. You then use the skin sensors and then log into BeautiControl and click on skin s.p.a. and follow the directions. Voila, your very own personalized age defying prescription for your skin. Receive a FREE sample of BC Spa Body Therapeutic Bath Minerals when you Email Me and request your skin sensors.

BC Spa Facial is free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, artificial dyes and fragrances.  It is Dermatologist, sensitivity and allergy tested, and never tested on animals.

Here’s an overview of these age-fighting super-formulas:

Every person's skin is unique, so why not have a skincare regimen that is customized to provide exactly what your skin needs? Now you don't have to pick and choose from dozens of skin care and treatment products...with the BC Spa Facial Skin Care Regimen, you can have it all.! The BC Spa Facial line and skin s.p.a., allow you to streamline and customize your skincare regimen and achieve beautiful, healthy-looking skin -- at every age!

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